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  • Regulatory Applications
    Medical Marijuana Regulatory Applications, whether they are Federal, Provincial or State, are complex and require expert knowledge, training and expertise in cultivation, production, distribution, quality assurance and control, document management, security and confidentiality, record keeping and reporting. To be successful in a highly competitive market, your application…
  • Regulatory Processes
    All Medicinal Marijuana Regulatory Applications require strict adherence to processes governing the production, distribution, security, training, privacy, marketing, sales, recall, documenting and reporting daily tasks. Benchmark has spent over a decade perfecting standard operating procedures (SOP's), good manufacturing practices (GMP's) and analytical methods that are ISO 17025(2005)…
  • Regulatory Software
    The Benchmark SYSTEM is the Worlds first, fully integrated, seed to sale system designed to make the complexity of managing your daily tasks and regulatory compliance simple. Our Enterprise Relational Process (ERP) system is ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliant and offers the highest level…
  • Regulatory Communications
    All Medicinal Marijuana Regulatory Applications require strict adherence to confidentiality and secure communications between your operation, licensed patients, medical and law enforcement personnel and regulatory bodies. Benchmark has spent over a decade ensuring that all in-coming and out-going communications are strictly controlled, recorded and stored for future…

How we help

By providing our fully integrated software, "SYSTEM" designed to manage all aspects of your operations, Benchmark is able to help you improve the time and cost of planning, designing, implementing and managing Licensed Medicinal Marijuana Operations.

Our software

We provide fully integrated Professional and Technical Services to increase the success of your medical marijuana license application.  Included with our Services is our Benchmark SYSTEM, our secure web-based ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliant software. Click here to compare.

Inventory Management

Seed to Sale through to final destruction.

Patient Management

Patient prescription verification, and communications.

Quality Management

ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliant.

Operations Management

Secure enterprise relational process (ERP).

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  • Benchmark SYSTEM Advantage

    The Benchmark SYSTEM is the most feature rich software on the market today that can meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Here are a few comments provided by our Clients: "I…

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  • Benchmark SYSTEM Training

    Our Trainers provide direct one-on-one training on the Benchmark SYSTEM to ensure that your key staff are deemed to be proficient for on-site regulatory audits. Our Trainers are graded on…

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  • Benchmark SYSTEM Support

    Our Trainers provide direct one-on-one technical support in relation to the services and products that we provide. Our Trainers are graded on their ability to impart their knowledge of regulatory…

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